Wheelchairs donated to Ark City hospital

Certified Physician Assistant Eric Flores, left, is one of the founding partners of Integrity Healthcare Professionals. He and Dr. Joseph O’Donnell, not pictured, recently donated new wheelchairs to the South Central Kansas Medical Center’s emergency department. Deb Schrag, right, is also a PA-C and an employee of Integrity. She brought the need to the partners’ attention and personally handled selecting and ordering the chairs through Taylor Drug of Arkansas City.

The company responsible for staffing and managing medical providers for South Central Kansas Medical Center's emergency department recently took action to improve patient service and employee morale.

A while back, SCKMC Emergency Clinician and certified Physician Assistant Deb Schrag joined with others in lamenting the routine migration of the ER wheelchairs to various parts of the hospital.

"They just never seemed to be around when we absolutely needed them for our patients" Schrag said.

She discussed the issue and staff's growing frustration with the co-founders of Integrity Healthcare Professionals, Eric Flores, PA-C, and Dr. Joseph O'Donnell.

"Integrity just so happens to cherish such opportunities to make a real-life difference where the boots hit the ground" Flores said.

Schrag coordinated with Ark City business Taylor Drug to secure price points that assured top quality and features most suited for ER patients.

"Having dedicated chairs reserved exclusively for the Emergency Department is a definite benefit to our patients," CEO Jeff Bowman said. "Integrity Healthcare Professionals have been outstanding partners to work with. They not only arrange and supervise staffing in the Emergency Department, they regularly step up and do things over and above that help the hospital and the community here."

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