Daylight Donuts celebrates 40 years

Melody and Terry Krueger have run Daylight Donuts for 40 years.

“Daylight Donuts, Where Quality Is Delicious!” That has been Terry and Melody’s motto for their donut shop for more than 40 years, a milestone they will celebrate with a two-day special Friday and Saturday.

There will be balloons for kids and drawings for three prizes (18 or older). First prize is one dozen free donuts per month for a year. Second prize is one dozen free donuts until Dec. 31, and third prize is one dozen free donuts for three months.

The Kruegers produce more than 18 varieties of donuts and rolls daily, with specials most days of the week. Specials include apple fritters on Monday, blueberry muffins on Tuesdays, homemade cranberry nut muffins on Wednesday, Melody’s famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on Thursday, German chocolate cake donuts on Fridays, and caramel pecan baked rolls on Friday and Saturdays.

The Kruegers began their business in June 1979, two weeks after Melody graduated from Emporia State University. Terry had completed the Manager’s Training Program with Walmart in Pittsburg after graduating from Emporia a year earlier. Melody’s major was in home economics and psychology in secondary education. Terry’s major was business and economics. They agree their degrees served them well in operating their business.

The Kruegers opened their first donut shop at the corner of Main Street and 11th Avenue.

“We learned a lot while our business was at that location,” Melody said. “We learned how to make the best donuts, dealing with the public with the warmth of home, and how to work the horrible hours that go along with the donut business.”

They moved their business to its present location in 1986 to be closer to the downtown activities. They remodeled the entire building at that time.

The Kruegers still start their day between 2 and 3 a.m., and work until early afternoon.

“In 2012, some of our friends here in Winfield decided that we needed to update the entire shop,” Melody said. “With the help of 20 or 25 friends and a few family members, we repainted, redecorated and renewed the look of the shop. It was fantastic to see so many people come to help us. It took us two days to get it done with their help. Without their help, who knows how long it might have taken. Winfield is a very loving and caring community.”

Melody and Terry have always tried to keep up with the latest in the donut business, and strive to keep products as health-minded as possible. They use the more expensive cholesterol free flour base for their donuts and use a special shortening that is also more expensive.

“We believe the product has a better flavor and is healthier, so we don’t mind the expense,” Melody said. “We have some customers from far away states that are so excited to get back in Winfield and enjoy our donuts and rolls. Others take boxes of their favorites with them on trips to visit their children who beg them to bring our donuts with them; it reminds them of home.”

Daylight Donuts is a Winfield tradition.

“So many of our customers have started out coming in with their parents when they were little or after the swim team practices growing up,” Melody said. “We’ve watched them graduate from high school, get married, have kids of their own, and now we are getting to see the grandkids come in for their first taste of Daylight Donuts. We love starting a new tradition with each new generation. Terry and I have many children that are as much a part of our family as our own kids, and we love it when they come back to visit.”

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