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100 years ago

• Monday,  Dec. 1: The Rev. Otis E. Gray, Senior Chaplain of the 89th division, A.E.F., arrived in this city Saturday night for a series of services at Trinity church. He preached to large congregations yesterday at both the morning and evening services … Chaplain Gray buried hundreds of the members of the 89th who lost their lives in France … He is much sought for whenever he goes … While here, Chaplain will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ames and Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Tighe.

• Mr. and Mrs. Earl Underwood, of New York City, are invited to the dinner given in New York, December 6th to Vice President Marshall at the Biltmore hotel. The National Arts Committee voted Mrs. Underwood’s new book, “Short Stories from the Balkans,” one of the best of the autumn. (Edna Worthley Underwood, a widely known author and linguist, grew up in Arkansas City and later taught Latin at the local high school.) 

• The city commissioners met this morning in regular session … Mr. Ambrose, manager of the sand plant located on the Arkansas river, asked permission to extend a side-track across Fifth avenue that he may have a new loading place for the shipment of sand.

• “Oh Daddy” will be the offering at the Fifth Avenue theatre one night Tuesday, Dec. 2. Throughout the action of the big musical comedy some score or more musical numbers have been interpolated, among the most popular are: “Oh Daddy,” “The Rainbow Widow,” The Older They Are the Harder They Fall,” “Wedding Chimes,” … Kilroy-Britton are responsible for this new musical comedy and they have given it an elaborate mounting and an exceptionally good cast and chorus.


50 years ago

• Monday, Dec. 1: A pupil personnel services evaluation team from the Bureau of Indian Affairs will visit the Chilocco Indian school Thursday and Friday. … Dan Sahmaunt, superintendent at Chilocco, said the team while here will concern itself primarily with dormitory operations, student counseling, student activities, student health, student council, special education, social work, and student banking.


25 years ago

• Photo caption: Trim the tree —Junior Service League members decorate a Christmas tree in the Osage lobby Tuesday night. The Junior Service League will hold their annual holiday gift sale … Thursday, Dec. 8, and … Saturday, Dec. 10, at the Osage.

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