A Look Back in the Courier


30 years ago

• A renovation project on Broadhurst Hall on the Southwestern College campus has begun and will provide housing for 100 students when completed in the summer of 1990.

• Winfield Middle School, behind running back J.T. Ann, bullied past visiting Ponca City West 14-6 on Tuesday for its fourth straight victory in seventh-grade football.

• Winfield Child Care Center will be transformed into the Great Pumpkin Patch today and Thursday. Pumpkins donated by Springhill Farm will be sold at the center, 1222 Millington, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

• N. Dean Bradbury, a Winfield CPA, recently completed the Governmental Accounting and Auditing Certificate of Education Achievement Program. He is a partner in the CPA firm of Edw. B. Stephenson & Co.


20 years ago

• Dozens of Burden Girl Scouts made a parade appearance on a float Saturday morning during the Burden Sunflower Festival. Other parade entries included a string of old fashioned tractors and the brand new Burden Junior/Senior High School Marching Band.

• Led by quarterback Joey Piel, the Southwestern College football team fought off a pesky McPherson College team Saturday to win 27-23.

• The five Cowley College sophomore women who are finalists for Queen Alalah 1999 are Deanna Bahm, Adrianne Ryel, Melissa Ferree, Amanda Anstine and Jessica Harding. Queen Alalah will be crowned at 8 p.m. Oct. 29 at W.S. Scott Auditorium.


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100 years ago

• Editorial: There has always been, among old time residents of Arkansas City, a conviction that it was destined to become a commercial and manufacturing center of importance. Its beginning as a railroad divisional point was heralded as proof of its future because of its location, which made it a getaway to fertile territory yet to be opened to settlement. … All of those … still remain remember the failures which attended efforts to force the growth of the city by the “boom” of the ’80s. … One thing saved the town. The people never lost the belief that one day the goddess of prosperity would alight upon these sand hills …

• Mr. Mack Sennett’s famous bathing beauties are coming to Arkansas City in the very near future, and coming in person. … Manager Burford of the Rex theatre … has arranged with Linick-Jacoby Enterprises, under whose banner the young women are touring the United States, for a two day engagement. … Dates next Wednesday and Thursday.

• Expectations are that the interurban line and local trolley lines in Arkansas City and Winfield operated by a receiver, will make a balance of $1,000 in the clear this month, having a balance of $558.19 from the receipts between September 10-30. 


50 years ago

• The 1970 United Fund drive in Arkansas City has reached the $10,000 mark, according to Mrs. Edith Niskern, chairman of the nearly completed residential drive. … This year’s goal of $44,825 will be divided among eight agencies …

• OLATHE, Kan (AP) Gov. Robert Docking has endorsed the Oct. 15 Vietnam war moratorium and said he is considering an official proclamation to that effect. … The governor is a World War II veteran and a past commander of the Arkansas City American Legion post.


25 years ago 

• Montgomery Elevator Co. has been sold to the world’s largest elevator company. Kone, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. … (It) has purchased the privately held Montgomery for an undisclosed amount … the sale’s closing is expected to be completed at the end of November.

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