City removes Trump flag at Baden Square

The flagpole on which a profanity-laced Trump flag flies Tuesday in front of the Winfield Community Center facing into Baden Square.

It wasn’t the American flag flying from the flagpole Tuesday morning in front of the Winfield Community Center, but a Trump flag that included profanity.

Artist Martha Fitzwater met a woman going into the community center Tuesday morning and asked how she was doing. The woman said she was angry about the flag and brought her around to the front of the building to see it.

The woman, who told Fitzwater she first noticed the flag on Sunday, reported the flag to the police, who took it down on Tuesday.

Flying the flag on Winfield city property is not illegal, but is not appropriate, city manager Taggart Wall said.

“The city doesn’t support any political organization,” he said.

Wall said the city has taken down other political flags at the fairgrounds.

Police Chief Robbie DeLong agreed that putting up the flag is not illegal, but it is “in bad taste.”

Neither indicated that an investigation into the incident was occurring.

Mayor Phil Jarvis said late Tuesday afternoon that he was just hearing about the flag for the first time and said he had no comment.

Fitzwater said she wished that the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion would respond to the incident, since they are usually the ones who teach the public about flag etiquette.

She said the incident reminded her of elections during the 19th and early 20th centuries when people would put an outhouse on the courthouse lawn.

Such behavior was called “hooliganism” — rowdy, riotous behavior.

“It’s kind of funny,” she said, but it is also offensive to see a see a swear word on a flag supporting the president.

The flag read, “Trump 2020 — No More Bullshit.”

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