Park to receive upgrade

Renovations to Lions Club Park in Winfield are under way. When completed, the park will have improvements including new lighting, playground equipment and ADA compliant parking.

Renovations are under way at Lions Club Park in Winfield, part of the city’s efforts to address citizen interests identified in a survey taken last year.

The renovation of the park, at 13th Avenue and Bliss Street, will include removing all existing equipment except for the play system, removing fencing and replacing it with landscaping barriers on the 13th and Bliss sides of the park. The Bliss side will also include a four-foot tall iron fence as a precaution to keep children from running into traffic, Winfield City manager Taggart Wall said.

The renovated park will have a green space with two soccer goals, a sidewalk separating the green space from the playground, and a turf surface. There will also be new swings and new lighting, and an ADA-complaint parking area on the alley side of the park. There will also be new curb and gutter work and street repairs on 13th Avenue.

“It should be a great improvement,” Wall said.

The Winfield Lions Club is donating playground equipment, and the city has applied for a Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathways grant through RISE Cowley. Wall said the grant application has been approved locally, and is confident it will be approved at the state level.

Total cost of the renovation is less than $100,000, which will be split between the city, the Lions Club and BCBS.

The renovation is in response to answers on a community-wide survey issued last year, with improvements to other parks expected to follow.

“What we heard loud and clear in the survey, is that citizens want improvements to their neighborhood parks,” Wall said. “This is a great opportunity to get things started.”

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