Only a few Evergy customers east of Arkansas City were still without power Wednesday morning after high winds caused damage along East Madison Avenue.

Ark City firefighters were called out around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday for a grass fire along East Madison Avenue caused by downed power lines, a fire official stated.

At least 960 people were without power for around four hours. Power was restored to most around 9 p.m., but 255 people still remained in blackout for an extended time, according to city official Andrew Lawson.

The fire spread in all directions fueled by high winds, the highest gust being 62 mph, according to The National Weather Service. The fire caused damage to utility poles, highway rails and scorched many small trees along East Madison Avenue. The road was closed for more than an hour as fire crews controlled the burn, cut down trees and doused hot spots.

Evergy crews returned Wednesday to restore the lines and replace a pole that was badly damaged by fire.

Wind gusts in Cowley County were reported as the second-highest in the state on Tuesday night, with Coffeyville being the highest at 72 mph, according to the NWS.

Fires were also wreaking havoc in Elk County and several other places in Oklahoma. Some fires were spreading so quickly that residences were evacuated for eight hours until firefighters could contained them, according to KAKE-TV. Several social media posts shared Tuesday night showed fires on both sides of U.S. 177 Highway, south of Ponca City, and rapidly spreading.

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