The Cowley County Attorney’s Office is reviewing information in the shooting death of Jacob Nettrouer to determine if charges will be filed, as family and friends of Nettrouer continue to search for answers about his death.

Cowley County Attorney Larry Schwartz said his office received information about the investigation conducted by the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. Schwartz said he will review the information to determine if any charges will be filed, and that this process will probably take a few weeks.

Court records show Nettrouer’s bond was being handled by Fast Eddies Bail Bonds of Wichita, owned by Edward Runyon. A representative from the company declined to comment on the case when contacted via Facebook Messenger on Friday.

Friends of Nettrouer have continued to post messages on his Facebook page. Several have said that they suspect foul play, and that they will continue to seek answers to their questions.

“Jake was a great guy,” Morgan Pudden said. “We all have the same questions. Why hasn’t anything been done?” 

Nettrouer was shot and killed Feb. 23 at a rural Cambridge residence while a bail bondsman was at his residence to take him to the Cowley County Jail on a bond revocation, according to an earlier press release from the sheriff’s office. One sheriff’s deputy was present outside the residence and one was on their way to do a civil stand-by for the bondsman when the shooting occurred.

The release added that although deputies were present when the shooting occurred, it was not an officer involved shooting and the deputies were not there to make an arrest. 

Nettrouer was arrested in November 2019 after a search warrant was conducted, resulting in the following alleged charges: theft of property, unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, unlawful cultivation of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a firearm, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine. 

Court records show the case was closed Feb. 26 due to Nettrouer’s death. Court records also show that Nettrouer had been charged in several prior criminal cases.

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I'm waiting to hear the final conclusion the officials come to in this investigation. Jake had a heart of gold and helped anyone who asked. My fear is there were 3 witnesses the bail bondsman, the officer whom I've been told is a friend of the bondsman and Jake and only two is alive to give their version. Jake was not a stupid man so I can't believe he would do anything to cause thst man to shoot him.

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