The positive cases of COVID-19 are continuing to grow throughout Kansas and Oklahoma, Cowley County continues to have no confirmed cases. 

As of 3 p.m. Thursday, March 26, 42 Cowley County people have been tested, 37 of whom have tested negative with five tests pending. In surrounding counties, the infection is spreading rapidly. Kay County, Okla., moved from five cases to 11. Sedgewick County cases went from seven to 16. This rate is consistent with widespread person-to-person transmission. 

Today Sumner County recorded its first case and Butler County continues to have three cases.

“Two days ago I mentioned my concern about the spread of the virus in the area,” said Thomas Langer Cowley County Public Health Officer. “Today my concern has been proven practical.”


Stay at home rumors

Rumors still abound concerning the issuance of a stay at home order or prohibition of travel between counties or across the state line. 

“Those rumors are consistent and hopefully not a self-fulfilling prophecy,” said Langer. “People can help keep that from happening if they stop all unnecessary and non-essential travel. If you are out of school and not at work, stay home. If you work in another county, commute to work, and when you come home, stay home. Don’t gather in groups, and don’t be foolish and think that you are invincible or somehow have a superior immune system. 

“Remember you can be exposed and transmit the illness to others without knowing it. I’m begging folks to think of others first. Other counties where that doesn’t happen is where the spread occurs and where stay home orders are issued because people will not willingly comply. I hope Cowley County residents continue to heed the call and not make that type of order necessary. Time will tell.”


Hydrogen peroxide

Many individuals are concerned about the transmission of the virus through hard surface contact and contamination. While there is a potential to contract the illness in that way, know that there are ways to protect you and your family. 

One of many options available is hydrogen peroxide. This is a typically inexpensive and widely available way to sanitize cans, bottles, and other things within your home. It can be put into a spray bottle and sprayed over items. As it dries, it kills those contagions that cause illnesses including coronavirus, influenza, and rhinovirus. Just be careful, as it could potential discolor clothing and fabrics.

“As we are all continuing to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene to limit the spread of the illness, remember that you are also doing these things for those around you,” Langer said.

“Continue to be diligent and we will hopefully hold back the spread into Cowley County from surrounding areas. Stay well, Cowley County.”

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