Former Ark City resident publishes second novel, with a cause

Arch “Skip” Gibson, author of the action-adventure Bear Kotah series, has released his second novel, “Kotah Gold,” much of which is set in the Texas Panhandle and Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Gibson, formerly of Arkansas City, is a former Lawton, Okla., Constitution and Morning Press senior reporter and The Oklahoman copy editor. He draws heavily on his familiarity with the region and the Comanche, Kiowa and Apache tribes in his Bear Kotah series.

The fast-paced action-adventure is a novel of the modern American West, but it is also a book about a national problem of growing concern. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, about 60,000 children are the victims of documented sexual assault annually.

Kotah Gold is the story of a young runaway, Tre McMillan. She is running first for her freedom, then for her life to escape an abusive stepfather turned human trafficker. Tre stumbles upon two Comanche brothers, Grandfather and Uncle Willie Kotah, in Palo Duro Canyon. They prove to be her saviors with emergency training in traditional Comanche skills. This heart-pounding adventure boils out of Texas, across the American Southwest and back again. Whether Tre will survive the action-packed conclusion depends totally upon her mastery of traditional bareback, bow and buffalo lance skills.

Gibson uses the ruggedly beautiful 120-mile long canyon as the backdrop to draw attention to the nationwide issues of teen abduction and human trafficking. “Kotah Gold” relates the importance of the canyon to the history of southern plains Native Americans. Tre is drawn to the story, the 1874 battle of Palo Duro, and ghosts of the massacre of a thousand Native American horses. She finds relief from her pursuers and guidance in the mystical Comanche Horse Caller and draws strength from their spiritual beliefs and traditional skills.

This is the second offering in the Bear Kotah adventure series, available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

Check out Gibson’s website to learn more about the author and his novels at

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