After serving more than four years as vice president of finance and administration at Cowley College, Dr. Gloria Walker is moving closer to home. She has accepted a position as vice president of business affairs and chief financial officer with the University of New Orleans.

Walker said the college was much closer to her residence in Houston, Texas and would allow her to be home more often.

Cowley has started advertising online for Walker’s replacement. Her salary was 115,660.80 per year. Walker said her resignation is effective Jan. 19, but her last day would likely be Jan. 17, a Friday.

Walker joined Cowley in September 2015. During her tenure, she assisted with numerous programs and improvements, including construction of the Sumner County campus.

Walker said she has enjoyed working with Cowley and that the position has helped her to grow both personally and professionally. Challenges along the way also gave her the opportunity to demonstrate her level of experience and skills, she added.

The college has cut expenses to deal with revenue shortfalls, and Walker has been on the sharp end of pointed questions from at least one Cowley board member through the years.

“I have worked very hard to ensure Cowley College’s continued success,” she said. “Cowley College has made me mentally tough, much wiser and successful.”

Cowley President Dr. Dennis Rittle said one of Walker’s strengths was her ability to help him to see situations through a different perspective.

“Dr. Walker has helped me grow as a leader and a thinker through our work over the past four-plus years,” he said. “I wish her great success as she continues to advance her career.”

Walker said she looks forward to being closer to her home and her family. She said she was growing weary of the long drive to and from Houston.

“I was telling someone that I have over 200,000 miles on my car,” Walker said. “When I bought the car I probably had 20,000, so I have put 180,000 miles on my car in four years’ time.”

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