Winfield hospital to celebrate new partnerships

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William Newton Hospital’s Eagle Med Ambulance can be viewed at the Sept. 12 Open House celebrating new services and partnerships with WNH.

An open house celebrating new partnerships and healthcare services offered at William Newton Hospital is from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Sept. 12.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony in conjunction with the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce is at 4:15 p.m.

The public is invited to attend the event at the Physicians Pavilion in Winfield, across the street from the hospital.

Three new services launched in August: William Newton Cardiology clinic in partnership with Heartland Cardiology, LLC; William Newton Hospital and EagleMed ground transport; and William Newton Orthopaedics in partnership with Advanced Orthopaedics Associates, LLC.

“Our approach of bringing big-city medicine to a small-town setting is evident in these new partnerships,” William Newton Hospital CEO Ben Quinton said. “The relationships we’ve built with trusted healthcare providers out of Wichita allow greater access to services not typically found in a rural hospital.”

William Newton Cardiology-William Newton Hospital welcomed Alaa Boulad, MD, of Heartland Cardiology to its active medical staff on Aug. 1. The new clinic opened Aug. 12 on the second floor of the Physicians Pavilion, with Boulad seeing patients full-time Monday through Friday. 

William Newton Cardiology clinic offers office consults and follow-up appointments, as well as office electrocardiograms.

“Chest pain and other cardiovascular emergencies are currently our No. 1 diagnosis for patient transfers to Wichita and other tertiary care areas,” Quinton said. “Patients needing more comprehensive cardiac care have been underserved in our area. We hope to change that and save more lives.”

The clinic is a precursor to the new cardiac catheterization lab, or “cath lab,” slated to open this winter in the expanded surgical center. 

EagleMed Ground Transport is a new partnership with EagleMed to provide ground transport for patient transfers. EagleMed has provided air transport to the hospital since 1998.

Ground transport paramedics and EMTs are housed on the hospital campus 24/7 and will be able to assist with patient care when not providing transfer services.

William Newton Hospital now has its own dedicated ambulance on site that went into service Aug. 1.

“This partnership is a win for all parties,” Quinton said. “Having EagleMed immediately available and housed right here reduces patient wait times for transport.”

This change will also allow Winfield Fire/EMS to focus on first response. Winfield Fire/EMS will provide back-up transfer services when needed.

EagleMed Program Director Craig Isom said that to patients, EagleMed’s billing process will feel similar to what they are used to with Winfield Fire/EMS. EagleMed transports regardless of a patient’s ability to pay and accepts all insurance providers.

Kenneth Jansson, MD of Advanced Orthopaedics Associates in Wichita, began seeing patients on Aug. 30 at William Newton Orthopaedics within the Winfield Healthcare Center on the hospital campus.

Jansson specializes in knee surgeries and sports medicine, and has already scheduled several surgical procedures since the clinic opened. Phillip Hagan, MD, who specializes in knee and shoulder surgeries and sports medicine, will soon be accepting patients at the clinic, as well.

“Advanced Orthopaedic Associates is one of the top orthopaedic groups in our region. Our partnership furthers our goal of keeping patients close-to-home for all their healthcare needs,” Quinton said.

At the open house, guests will have the opportunity to meet both Boulad and Jansson, tour the clinics, and see the William Newton Hospital/EagleMed ambulance.

Refreshments will be served courtesy of William Newton Hospital and EagleMed.

Event details can be found on the William Newton Hospital Facebook page. For more information about these new providers, visit

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