Improvements continue to be made at the Poplar Walking Trail near the U.S. 77 bypass in Arkansas City.

The city is currently working to install several pieces of outdoor fitness equipment around the course.

Public Information Officer Andrew Lawson said the stations are simple, multi-purpose units, and are designed for more than just one specific exercise. He said the equipment is being placed at different intervals around the course.

“I think they’re going to put one every 10th of a mile,” he said.

Funds to purchase the equipment were provided through a “Be the Spark” grant of $6,575, which was awarded in May to the Ark City Middle School KAY club.

The ACMS KAY club was one of 18 clubs across the state to receive the grant, which is intended to help teens and their communities to be more physically active.

The funds were used to purchase a Fit-Trail exercise system that features four instructional signs with six fitness stations.

The path was recently extended to a full mile in length. The south end of the course was also built up to improve drainage and help to keep the path from flooding. The entire path was then repaved to provide a smooth surface.

Lawson said Friday that the newly extended section of the path was now open.

“That’s been closed ever since the first flood,” he said.

Lawson said the city plans to hold a dedication of the refurbished path and new fitness equipment sometime in September.

”We want to make sure the middle school is involved,” he said, “So we’ll wait until school is back in session.”

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