The Kansas Supreme Court will hear a case later this month involving a Cowley County man seeking to claim inheritance of his mother’s estate.

Harvey Moore lost his case at the district court and appeals court level, challenging the validity of a deed transfer to Moore’s ex-wife upon his mother’s death, according to a press release issued by the courts.

The Supreme Court will hear the case on Jan. 30.

The so-called “transfer-on-death” deed was valid, the lower courts ruled, although it was not signed by Moore’s mother, but by the ex-wife at his mother’s direction, and was copied or written from the dictation of another.

“That deed left the real estate in question to Harvey's ex-wife and had the effect of disinheriting Harvey, who would have inherited the real estate under the laws of intestate succession absent a valid deed,” the release states.

Issues that the Supreme Court will consider include whether the deed transfer complied with state law, whether the signing is contrary to Kansas public policy, and whether the district court erred in permitting the introduction of parole evidence.

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