Long awaited “9 to 5” The Musical performed at Cowley College

The Cowley College Visual and Performing Arts Department was finally able to bring “9 to 5” The Musical to the Robert Brown Theatre stage Aug. 20-22.

The musical was scheduled to be performed March 26-28.

“With the sudden closing of college campuses and businesses around the world just two weeks prior to our opening in March, we were unsure our production would ever be seen,” theater director Nick Albrecht said. “However, with the support of our administration and guidance and consultation of numerous organizations, we were finally able to bring this show to our stage.”

Music and lyrics for “9 to 5” were composed by Dolly Parton and the book which was written by Patricia Resnick, is based on the seminal 1980 hit movie. Set in the late 1970s, this story of friendship and revenge in the Rolodex era is outrageous, thought-provoking and even a little romantic.

Pushed to the boiling point, three female coworkers concoct a plan to get even with the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot they call their boss (Franklin Hart Jr., (played by Britton MacLaughlin). In a turn of events, Violet (Sarah Flickinger), Judy (Esmeralda Castillo) and Doralee (Madilynn Sanderholm) live out their wildest fantasy — giving their boss the boot. While Hart remains “otherwise engaged,” the women give their workplace a dream makeover.

Community member Josi Schwartz (Roz Keith) and Arkansas City High School student Matthew Eli (Dwayne) had roles in the musical.

In order to maintain social distancing during the shows, safe distancing was enforced. Theater seating capacity was modified to 197 seats, or 25 percent capacity in order to accommodate patrons based on social distancing guidelines. Face masks were required in the theater and sanitation stations were available at each entry of the theater.

Cowley president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle and his wife, Christy, attended the Thursday evening performance.

“The talent on display was in a word, Amazing,” Rittle said. “Well done to the cast, faculty and staff leadership and the musicians. They showed we can learn how to share life and the celebratory moments of life in the midst of a pandemic.”

Cast list:

Violet Newstead — Sarah Flickinger

Doralee Rhodes — Madilynn Sanderholm

Judy Bernly — Esmeralda Castillo

Franklin Hart Jr. — Britton MacLaughlin

Roz Keith — Josi Schwartz

Joe — Hunter Bartholomew

Dwayne — Matthew Eli

Josh — Hunter Halfmann

Missy — Holly Leavitt

Maria — Leanna Martin

Dick — Jacob Giger

Kathy — Chelo Curtis

Margaret — Katreena Odom

Bob Enright — Timmy Remington

Tinsworthy — Ray Keady

Detective — RiQuandrion Mangum

Doctor — Creek Love

Candy Striper — Jennifer Wong

New Employee/Intern — Jessica Goosey

Artistic/Production Team

Director — Nick Albrecht

Music Director — Lindsay Allen

Choreographer — Chelo Curtis

Scenic Designer — Harty Blackert

Technical Director — Jared Shofstall

Costume Designer — Meghann Borum

Lighting Designer — Mason Hilario

Sound Designer — Griffin Rogers

Props Designer — Audrey Jones

Hair and Makeup Designer — Markie Swanson

Stage Manager — Markie Swanson

Dramaturgy/Lobby Display — Markie Swanson

Box Office Manager — Tracy Circle

Assistant Stage Managers — Kaitlynn Tarrant and Audrey Jones

Light Board Operator — Brandon Oleson

Sound Board Operator — Griffin Rogers

QLab operator — Hope Burgar

Backstage Crew — Rebekah Crisp, Reno Ratcliff, and Griffin Snyder

Spotlight Operators — Skyla Dean and Allyson Keezer


Conductor — Dr. Michael Christensen

Keyboard 1 — Aidan Wells

Keyboard 2 — Christopher Dean

Drums — Eric Woods

Percussion — Hayes Cannon

Guitar 1 — Thor Bonner

Guitar 2 — Eric Shumaker

Bass — Dave Kerwood

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