Culvert collapse on 307th Road

This collapsed culvert on 307th Road, in the northeast part of Cowley County, was caused by flooding that occurred last month.

Damage due to high waters continues to occur in Cowley County.

The county public works department learned Thursday night that a box culvert on 307th Road, between 32nd and 12th roads, had collapsed.

The culvert is in Harvey Township, not far from the Butler County line. The indecent caused part of 307th Road to be closed.

The box culvert had high water around it during the recent rains, county administrator Lucas Goff said. Public works crews put rip-rap around it to shore it up after the first downpours. The second heavy rains washed away the dirt behind the rip-rap and eroded the area, leading to the culvert’s collapse.

No accidents or personal injuries were reported, Goff said.

“We’ve already put up barriers and lighted warning signs,” he said.

Emergency management assistant coordinator John Stradal said the road is basically one lane. If two vehicles want to pass each other, one must pull to the side, he said.

The road and bridge department will replace the culvert next week if the weather cooperates, Goff said.

All the work will be completed in-house. First the county has to have Dig Safe come and mark the utility lines to protect them when the project starts, Goff said.

The county will then bring in a backhoe and chain, and dig out the old culvert. Then they will level the spot with gravel and put in the new culvert.

“It’s not a massive undertaking,” Goff said. “And it’s not impacting thousands of cars a day.”

He described the road as minimally-traveled farm road.

The county will cover the cost of the replacement. They will also repair the road around the replacement area, so Harvey Township will not be responsible for that either.

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