In addition to in-person learning, USD 470-Arkansas City will offer a remote learning option for students.

Any student enrolled in USD 470 may apply for the remote learning option, but in order to qualify for remote learning, students must have access to quality, reliable internet at home. Students must also be able to commit to — and log — a total of 410 minutes of learning each day.

“Students will be able to complete much of the remote learning on a flexible schedule each day, but they will still be held accountable for the same number of hours as students attending in person,” said Jeri Crumbliss, USD 470 Director of Curriculum and Instruction. “Students in the remote learning program will also be taught the same competencies and will be assessed in the same way.”

Secondary-level students enrolled in the remote learning program will have an opportunity to participate in sports and certain performance-based co-curricular offerings such as band, choir and orchestra as community health conditions allow, but some elective courses may not be available in the remote program.

“The remote learning option is a great opportunity for students who are at higher risk medically, or who would feel more comfortable in an at-home environment for now,” Crumbliss said. “We are asking families to commit to at least one full semester.”

Safety precautions will be taken at school, too. Per Gov. Laura Kelly’s Executive Order 20-59, everyone in schools will be required to wear a mask, unless medically exempt, and wash or sanitize hands hourly. Everyone entering the building will have their temperature checked and there will be extra cleaning and disinfecting in classrooms.

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