Capt. John Butters took over as administrator at the Cowley County Jail this summer, overseeing a facility now 11 years old and confronting maintenance issues.

Butters was promoted from sergeant to captain and became responsible for the jail on July 28.

Butters followed interim administrator Sgt. George Liermann, who died Sept. 22 from health issues. Liermann was filling in after Capt. Janet Gardner retired in December after 13 years of service at the jail.

Butters started working at the jail in 2011 as a corrections officer. After a few years, he became a court officer transporting county inmates. He did that four years before transferring to booking in January.

Prior to his career at the jail, Butters worked at Boeing as a manager. He also owned and operated the former Captain Tony’s Pizza and Pasta Emporium on 14th Avenue and Main Street in Winfield.

Butters said he doesn’t plan on changing much around the jail, but there is always room for improvement. He oversees more than 20 correctional employees and maintenance of the facility, which opened in April 2008. His salary is $23.45 per hour.

Like any house or business, Butter said, there is a lifespan for the air conditioning, heating and plumbing. Shower renovations at the jail have been ongoing for about three years now, he said, and are finally moving toward completion.

Becoming jail administrator wasn’t his initial idea, Butters said, but he gets guidance from Sheriff David Falletti and Undersheriff Christina McDonald, and is happy to be there.

Butters also expressed appreciation for Liermann, who showed him some ins and outs of the job.

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