Election Results

Kelly called winner

• At about 9 p.m., cable news networks called Democrat Laura Kelly the next Kansas governor, defeating Republican Kris Kobach. She held a 60,000 vote lead with about 30 percent of precincts reporting, according to the Kansas Secretary of State's website.

In early returns, Democrat Laura Kelly led Republican Kris Kobach 71,282 votes to 49,910 with 32 of 3556 precincts reporting statewide, in the race for Kansas governor. Kelly led in votes thus far coming in from Sedgwick County.

Estes well ahead

• GOP Congressman Ron Estes appears to be headed to victory over Democrat James Thompson with a 58 to 42 percent lead with a majority of precincts reporting.

• GOP Congressman Ron Estes led Democrat James Thompson 45,549 to 38,315 with eight of 623 precincts reporting, in the Fourth Congressional District.

Trimmer, Helmer race close

• Incumbent Democrat Ed Trimmer of Winfield held a narrow 2 percent lead over challenger Cheryl Helmer in the race for the 79th District in the Kansas House, late Tuesday night.

Most of the votes were in as of 11:30 p.m., but four of six precincts had yet to be reported from Summer County, where Helmer holds a big lead, according to the Kansas Secretary of State's office.

• Winfield Democrat Ed Trimmer has grabbed the lead in his race to hold on to the 79th District House seat, winning 56 percent of the vote with about half the precincts reporting, over GOP candidate Cheryl Helmer.

The first returns in for the 79th Kansas House District give GOP challenger Cheryl Helmer a lead of 237 to 147 over incumbent Democrat Ed Trimmer, with a small percentage reporting in Summer County.

Check back Wednesday for more coverage.

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