It wasn’t hard to pick a theme for this year’s Progress Edition. The exact wording took some thought — Our Changing World — but inevitably we were going to write about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives and our communities.

As a progress section, though, today we’re offering up positive or hopeful stories amid the troubling times that engulf us.

So in the Business section you’ll find a comforting round-up of how some small businesses are surviving, even thriving, during the pandemic. 

In the Agriculture and Area section, we’ve got an in-depth feature on our area farmers markets, and a nice profile of Bonnie Eaton, an author and artist who returned to her hometown of Atlanta, Kan.

The Health and Safety section shows how health care providers and county officials banded together to create a coordinated response to the pandemic. It also includes a relatable column by John Shelman about how his family has responded to the COVID threat.

In the Education, Sports and Family section, we take look closely at how the now-famous Little Vikes program has enriched the lives of seniors living at Cumbernauld Village.

For those of you sick of hearing about pandemic-related news, there are plenty of stories that don’t even include the word virus, including several stories we first published before the word COVID-19 even existed. 

So please take some time and enjoy Progress 2020. It demands a lot of hard work by our reporters, sales people, designers and the rest of our team here at the CourierTraveler. 

And a big thank you to our advertising sponsors who make this edition possible, and who join us in showing how talent and resiliency continue to thrive in Cowley County.

— David A. Seaton,


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