Not only will Nick Hernandez be leading a larger city when he becomes manager of Dodge City, he will also make more money.

The City of Dodge City released his contract this week. It shows that Hernandez’s job there officially starts June 1.

Hernandez has been city manager for Ark City since June of 2011. He accepted the city manager job in Dodge City last month. That city has about 27,000 people, more than double that of Ark City.

The contract states that Hernandez’s base salary in Dodge City will be $135,000, a step up from his current base of $112,000.

After one year of satisfactory service, the contract says, his salary will increase to $145,000.

He will also receive an allowance of $5,400 per year as compensation for the use of his private vehicle, and will be reimbursed for mileage expenses when using his vehicle for city business, including out-of-town trips, according to the contract.

He will get $1,200 a year to compensate for business use of his personal cell phone.

In Ark City, some of his compensation other than salary included a $450 monthly vehicle allowance, and $100 per month toward a cell phone. It also includes traditional benefits such as health insurance and retirement pay.

Other elements of the Dodge City contract include an amount equal to 10 percent of Hernandez’s annual salary to a deferred compensation plan of his choice, and maintaining his current participation in the Kansas Public Employers Retirement system (KPERS).

The city will also cover the health and life insurance premiums for Hernandez and his dependents on the same terms as other full-time city employees.

All professional dues, memberships, subscriptions, and registration fees will also be paid by the city.

The contract requires Hernandez to establish residence inside the city limits within 90 days of the contract commencement date, and continue to maintain that residence for the remainder of his employment.

Hernandez would get nine months of severance pay and benefits if he is terminated without proper cause, as defined by the contract,  or unable to perform his duties due to physical or mental disability.

The City of Arkansas City plans to hire a professional search firm to help find a replacement before Hernandez leaves.

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