Commissioners approved Cowley County’s fiscal year 2019 budget in a 3-0 vote at their Aug. 7 meeting.

The total projected budget is $23.6 million. The mill levy will be 45.063, with total property tax collections for 2019 projected at $12.1 million.

County Administrator Lucas Goff said he’d lowered the amounts of some appropriations at the commission’s request.

“We worked really hard to be conservative on the budget,” Goff said.

Commission Chairman Alan Groom said the budget allocations are about “proper use of county funds.”

The county employee health insurance plan for Oct. 1, 2018, to Sept. 30, 2019 in a 3-0 vote.

Premiums for the employee-only Medical Plan 1, the county’s base plan, will increase from $50 per pay period to $52. Premiums for the employee plus family option on the same plan will increase from $70 per pay period to $73.

Premiums for medical Plan 2, the county’s buy-up option, increase from $88 to $132 per pay period for employees, and from $130 to $175 per pay period for employee plus family.

Premiums for the vision and dental plans will remain the same.

Commissioners also approved a change to the county’s 2018 pay plan, to change the description of a sheriff’s office position. They also approved the 2019 pay plan, which includes a cost of living adjustment. These were both 3-0 votes.

Also approved in 3-0 votes:

• A withdrawal notice from Liberty Township on an existing petition to gate and vacate a portion of 192nd Rd.

• The FY19 carryover reimbursement budget for Youth Services. 

• FY18 block grant line item adjustments.

• Appointment of USD 465 Superintendent Nathan Reed as the education representative to the Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board.

• Appointment of Ron Cannon as board president of Fire District 3.

• A $1,000 county contribution to the Atlanta Labor Day Celebration.

• A road maintenance agreement with the City of Burden.

• Payment register and abatement requests.

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