Local emergency responders complete crisis training

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Fire department personnel from Winfield and Ark City took part in crisis training this week near Salina. The training involved confronting collapsed structures and overturned cars.

The Winfield and Arkansas City fire departments geared up for crisis prevention recently at the Crisis City Regional Training Center near Salina.

Three personnel from Ark City and three from Winfield were paged out at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning to a simulated tornado strike at Crisis City, Ark City Fire Chief Bobby Wolfe said.

This giant facility is used by law enforcement, fire and military agencies from abroad.

Crisis City, about eight miles southwest of Salina, was developed to fill the need to enhance the state’s capability to defend against terrorism threats and respond to disasters and emergencies.

All departments stopped at the checkpoint, Loves truck stop in McPherson, fueled up their vehicles and convoyed to the simulation.

Winfield and Ark City personnel joined 35 people from eight departments to confront simulated situations — a collapsed bridge, collapsed parking garage and several overturned vehicles in the area.

The teams were tested for 12 hours Tuesday. They are required to be self-sufficient for 72 hours with food, water, living arrangements and oral hygiene, Wolfe said.

All these requirements need to be ready at any time in case of real emergencies, he added.

First responders from other Kansas areas were called in following the training session in which local personnel took part.

The Crisis City Training Center has a headquarters building, rail venue, urban village, agriculture and farm safety venue, technical rescue tower, collapsed structure, aircraft venue and a pipeline venue — covering all types of training.

This giant facility is used by law enforcement, fire and military agencies from abroad.


Information from the Kansas Department of Emergency Management.

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