Bringing ACCT back to life

Arkansas City Community Theatre’s first money-raising production, ‘The Other Side,’ written and directed by Southwestern College senior Jonathan Lane, took place last weekend. From left, Aclynn Gleeson, Arthur Anderson III, Sylvia Xu and Peyten Norris.

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A dedicated group of individuals are hoping to resurrect the Arkansas City Community Theatre.

This time, ACCT will make its home at the restored historic Burford Theatre in downtown Ark City, according to a recent press release.

ACCT first formed in 1983 to produce entertainment for the community. The reformed group is looking for partners to help rebuild a thriving community theater in Arkansas City.

“We are at the point now where we really need to get more people involved as we start to shape something spectacular for Arkansas City,” said Michelle Zakharov, one the volunteers behind the ACCT revival.

“This community is quite fortunate that we already have so many wonderful quality theaters in our area. We want to add to the magic, and with the amount of talent in and around Arkansas City, there is no reason why ACCT can’t bring their own brand of enchantment to the table.”

Zakharov was the Burford’s theater director for several months last year but stepped down for family reasons, arts council officials said at the time. 

She has an extensive background in theater and performing arts and spent many years performing professionally in regional theater.

ACCT is looking for people in all areas of production, including acting, singing, dancing, directing, lighting, set design, stage construction and costuming, as well as marketing, graphic design, website design and upkeep, box office, and concessions, according to the release.

The group also is seeking local business partners to help with sponsorships in any form. 

“We welcome anyone who has an interest in seeing live theater be a part of the cultural landscape in Arkansas City,” Zakharov said.

She provided a list of board officers for the theater group from 1983: Dr. Nick Rogers, president; Bill Yocum, vice president; Dejon Ewing, executive vice president; Terri Morrow, secretary/treasurer. David Ross was also a board member.

Work is being done on new governance for ACCT and the hope is to have that in place next month. As far as Zakharov knows, the old corporation still exits. “We are still digging for information.”

ACCT will have its next meeting at 10 a.m. March 17 in the promenade of the Burford Theatre. All community members are welcome and no specific theatrical talent is required to be a part of ACCT. 

“We are looking for heart,” Zakharov said. “If you love live theater and want to see ACCT a viable part of our community, please join us.”

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