More than 100 people, Grace United Methodist Church members, church neighbors, Southwestern College students and others, gathered Sunday for hot dogs and Penguin Paradise snow cones at a block party and to begin creating a Neighborhood Tapestry.

On Janes Street, behind the church at 320 College St., in Winfield, is the church’s playscape with a chain-link fence facing the street and College Hill Coffee. Those attending the party drew a picture or wrote a thought, a wish, a hope or prayer onto a strip of fabric and wove it into the 4-by-40-foot long fence to create a rainbow tapestry.

From the vantage point of the street or the coffee shop, the words “grow in GRACE” pop out in contrasting colors. Around them are pieces of colorful T-shirts with logos and slogans, from “Rock the Mound” and “Viking Tennis” to “China Camp International.”

Walking down the sidewalk provides a different perspective, with words of wisdom, slogans, prayers and the song title “Ya’ll Means All” in view.

Across the street in CHC’s main room; on the counter below the window looking out on the Neighborhood Tapestry is a basket of fabric strips in a rainbow of colors, with black Sharpie permanent markers and an invitation that reads, “Neighbor, You are part of the College Hill Neighborhood. Please pick a piece of fabric, go across the street with your hopes, your dreams and prayers for your neighbors of our community and world, and weave yourself into our Tapestry of Grace that we may grow in grace together. Sincerely, Your Neighbors.”

Every day the tapestry changes and grows. A slogan saying, “You are a Beloved Child of God,” appeared Monday. Many more strips of fabric and prayers were added Tuesday, and Wednesday a purple Ark City lanyard with yellow paw prints was woven in, and a small fabric piece with the words “Won’t you be my Friend?” signed “Mr. Rogers.”

Drive or stop by and see how the Neighborhood Tapestry continues to “grow in grace.”

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