The Registrar’s office at Cowley College has released the names of students who earned spots on the President’s and Dean’s honor rolls for the fall 2017 semester.

Students listed on the President’s Honor Roll earned 4.0 grade-point averages, on a 4.0 scale, and completed a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Students listed on the Dean’s Honor Roll earned a GPA between 3.50 and 3.99, and completed a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Students are listed by community.

Dean’s Honor Roll

• Arkansas City — Abbey Elizabeth Ferris, Adrian Indalecio Hernandez, Ashton Lee Kazban, Brittany Joan McBride, Brylee Nicole Burroughs, Corbin Wayde Clark, Dalton Lane Walker, Danielle Marie Lynn, Hannah Pudden, Javier Aragon-Lopez, Joel Robert Mills, Jose Manuel Calvo, Josie Mae Krout, Kaitlin Dawn Hicks, Kara Lynn Hinson, Katelyn Rae Klonowski, Katie Jo Kernell, Kolby Alan Kendrick, Nancy Ambriz, Paul Fiorentino, Rabia Trenary, Shaun N. Brown, Spencer Allen Helms, Vanessa Michaela Mendoza and Zachary Robert Bain.

• Burden — Steven James Lambert.

• Cambridge — Mirriah Marie Wallingford.

• Cedar Vale — Aubrey DeLayne Bliss, Benjamin James Call, Hunter Ferguson, Jasper William Young and Seth Blain Hill.

• Dexter — Javen Killman, Kyl Micheal Kuntz and Morgan Wyatt Carson.

• Douglass — Jenna Paige Nichols, Kye Raymond Wright and Logan Anthony Bergosh.

• Moline — Allison Jean Wolfe and Kimberly Renae Clubine.

• Oxford — Jackson Patrick Kopfer, Jennalynn Vogler and Melodie Marie Hunt.

• Sedan — Noah Daniel Chee.

• South Haven — Ciara Jewell Wiley and Dallas Eugene Anderson.

• Udall — Crystal A Green, Madison Elise Friesen and Maraya Ashley Allen.

• Winfield — Adam Randall Young, Braden Tanner Clark, Brandi Nichole Gordon, Bronte Misel Kathleen Young, Courtney Michelle Hunter, Damian Ray Adams, Douglas Paul Apley, Hunter Grant Howell, Hunter James Meier, Jenna Marie Staley, Joel Ryan Marker, Katrina Shanae Bloyer, Kelly Shay Armstrong, Kylie Michelle Randall, Madison Emileigh Nihart, Madison Irene Sisson, Morgan Otte, Natalie Li Phrakonekham, Nation Na Vongbolikhanh, Patrick Casey Phakornkham, Paul Stewart Warden, Rhiann Ayanna Marie Patton, Sean Micheal Heaton, Shannon Abigail McCaskill, Sierra Diane Weatherman, Spencer Tate Myers, Tea Naomi Schmitt and Tristan Shilo Corbett.

• Newkirk, Okla. — Brianne Nicole Morris, Mallory Michelle Case and Shalee Asche.

President’s Honor Roll

• Arkansas City — Anthony Charles Koller, Anthony Ralebh Cruz, Audrey Jean Utt, Austin James Mills, Bailey Marie Benton, Brailea Dawn Tipton, Dakota Dane Givens, Edgar Fuentes, Jeri l. Grayum, John Adam Neal, Lindsay Snow, Lindsay Taylor Hull, Madison Briley Jayde Oak, Misty D Lockwood, Morgan Elizabeth Estrada, Nathan James Fry, Nikki Marie Anaya, Sidney Blake Nittler, Skylar Nichole Kelly and Tiphanie Medina.

• Burden — Erasmo Valles-Fisher.

• Cedar Vale — Bailee Marie Ellis and Sebastian Micheal Williams.

• Dexter — Thomas David Parsons.

• Geuda Springs — Harold Dean Beck and Shannon LeAnn Hills.

• Oxford — Andrea Joyce Snyder and Crystal Louise Huff.

• Udall — Braydee LeeAnn Holmes, Jessica Anne Whitehead, Rebekah Nevaeh Exley and Roy Tyler Tannehill.

• Winfield — Alexandra Rene Hensley, Amanda Shyan Capehart, Brianna Marie Hulse, Brianne Grace Hutto, Cathleen Suzanne Trollman, Courtney Nicole Cain, Emma Michelle Knoles, Emma Nicole Davis, Israel Victoria Walker, Madelynn Cole Mill, Sergio Madrigal Castaneda, Seth William Mayberry, Toby Brooke Hostetter and Hayleigh Milan Bird.

• Newkirk, Okla. — Darren Lee Swopes, Luke Michael Kuffler and Trysen Joe Willits.

• Ponca City, Okla. — Jasmine Michelle Hicks and Kellie Leigh Ann Otipoby-Logan.

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