Robin F. Hood was sentenced to time served Monday after pleading guilty earlier this year to one count of attempted arson after attempting to blow up his ex-wife’s camper during the 2019 Cowley County Fair.

The crime, a severity level 9 felony, carries a maximum sentence of 7 to 9 months in prison. Hood’s presumptive sentence would have been 8 months in prison based on his prior criminal history score as determined by Kansas sentencing guidelines. However, he has already served 250 days in the Cowley County Jail, thus satisfying this sentence, Chief Judge Nicholas St. Peter said.

Cowley County Attorney Larry Schwartz asked about putting Hood on probation, but St. Peter said that since the sentence was already served, there is nothing to put Hood on probation for.

Hood’s ex-wife, who spoke at the hearing, said she just wants Hood to leave her alone and to not feel threatened by him.

“As much as I understand the concerns, I think there are other remedies to meet the victim’s request for no contact,” St. Peter said about the decision to not impose probation.

Hood’s attorney, Chrystal Krier, said her client has no intention of contacting the victim.

Krier said that Hood wants to go back to work as a pipe fitter, and probation or additional jail time could affect his job prospects, especially with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Schwartz responded that, while he would like probation so there is some kind of sentence, he also wants Hood to be able to continue working.

Monday’s hearing was held online via Zoom and streamed on St. Peter’s YouTube channel, as the courts remain closed for most functions due to the coronavirus.

Hood was arrested on Aug. 1, 2019, after explosive devices were found on his ex-wife’s camper while it was parked at the Winfield Fairgrounds during the county fair. Part of the campgrounds being evacuated and closed for a few hours while the investigation took place. The explosives failed to ignite, but could have led to a potentially lethal fire had they done so, according to court records.

Hood was initially charged with attempted first degree murder in the case, but that charge and others were dropped because the evidence only supported the attempted arson charge, Schwartz said last week.

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