Cowley County Sheriff David Falletti filed for re-election this week.

This will be Falletti’s second run for sheriff. He was first elected in 2016. He’s already served three years of his first term as of Jan. 9.

Falletti, a Republican, said he’s running again because he “hasn’t finished what I set out to do” in the sheriff’s department.

“I enjoy the job. I want to continue some of the work I’ve started,” he said.

Among those he’s started are a chaplain program he began the second year he was in office. He originally had four chaplains, now has two and is looking to hire a third. The chaplains do counseling with prisoners or officers, they hold church services and they accompany officers who have to deliver death news to families.

When Falletti was working for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, he said, he covered the Excel shootings in Hesston and he had to deliver the bad news to families of the victims. The Harvey County sheriff offered to send a chaplain with Falletti, and he found that person’s presence very helpful so he wanted to have chaplains in the Cowley County Sheriff’s Department, too.

Falletti said he is having an audit done of the department right now so he can see what people think his office is doing well and what they could improve. Last year representatives from the sheriff’s department visited every township to get ideas from the residents.

Falletti would also like to get the K-9 squad going again, and he is working with Sumner County and Kay County in Oklahoma to put together a Major Case Squad.

“We already work together,” he said, but the squad would formalize the setup and work.

Based on the audit and the visits to the townships, Falletti is developing a strategic plan for replacing materials in the department. He has already replaced all the department’s pistols and the rifles by using the money that comes from prisoners’ making phone calls. He has also had all of the department’s vehicles revamped.

Falletti said he faces some challenges. The jail is currently short three officers. And Falletti needs to start planning for the replacement of all the cameras in the jail.

Falletti said he’s told people he plans to keep running for office “as long as I’m still bringing something to the agency.”

Falletti worked for the KBI 15 years, for Riley County five years and the U.S. Army five years.

He has a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Wichita State University and a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Upper Iowa University.

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