Cowley County Attorney Larry Schwartz has filed to run for a second term as the county’s top prosecutor.

Schwartz, who was first elected in 2016, filed to run again on Thursday. He was previously the deputy county attorney in the county attorney’s Arkansas City office.

Schwartz said he filed to run again because the job is a good fit for him and there are some open cases he wants to finish. A republican, Schwartz was the only candidate for the position listed on the county website as of Friday afternoon.

Acting as prosecutor is the most important part of his job, he said.

“I enjoy it, and have gotten good feedback for the most part,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz said Cowley County handles a higher number of criminal complaints compared to other counties of similar size, and he would like to hire more staff and additional deputy attorneys.

The most satisfying things about the job include working with the staff and other attorneys, working with victims to help them and give them closure, and working more closely with law enforcement, especially on higher level criminal cases.

Schwartz said people should vote for him because his office has accomplished what it set out to do by getting convictions on cases, even if not everybody agrees with those convictions.

Now that he has settled into the job, Schwartz said he would like to spend a second term working more closely with partners around the state.

Schwartz also continues to work as one of the attorneys for the City of Arkansas City, where he handles civil cases involving the city. Schwartz earlier said he is unsure if he will continue with the Arkansas City job or eventually be replaced, depending on what the new Arkansas City manager decides to do.

The filing deadline to run in the 2020 election is June 1.

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