Winfield Police Chief Brett Stone said Wednesday afternoon that he would not comment on the incident recorded by Rudy Samuel of Winfield when he was stopped by Winfield police officers Sunday afternoon for a turn-signal violation.

Samuel went live with the recording on his Facebook page after the police approached him and took his identification back to the cruiser.

Police said he had not turned on his signal 100 feet before a turn.

When Master Officer Sean Skov returns to the car from his cruiser, he sees some kind of vegetation in the window well and shows it to Samuel.

That vegetation became the basis for a search of Samuel’s car, he said. Samuel questioned the police’s right to search the car and to turn off his video.

Gaylen Giddens, Skov’s backup, appears while Skov is talking with Samuel. The video ends abruptly with some kind of action.

Some people responding to the video have called the incident a case of racial profiling. Samuel is African American. The video had been viewed 18,973 times by late Wednesday afternoon.

Stone said Tuesday that he still had a lot of information to get before he could make any kind of judgment about the incident. At that time he was waiting to see the video from a camera in one officer’s car and the officers’ reports of what had happened.

Stone said Wednesday he would not comment because there is still so much to investigate, and he doesn’t want to say anything he has to take back.

He said the process is both painstaking and tedious. Stone said he could not project when he will be ready to make a public statement about the incident.

Attempts to contact Rudy Samuel have been unsuccessful. The video can be viewed on Samuel’s Facebook page.

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