The partners of The Eight & Forty Cowley/Sumner Salon 321 met Nov. 18 at the Rehwinkel Apartments in Winfield. Hostesses were Pam King and Claudia Satterlee.

L’Aumoniere Shirley Booe offered prayer before the meal was served. 

Le Chapeau Kathy Jeffries called the business meeting to order following dinner.

A prayer was given by L’ Aumoniere Booe.

The opening ritual was conducted by Le Chapeau Jeffries.

Le Secretaire-Cassiere Satterlee called the roles of Salon 321 officers, Le Chapeau Passes and partners.

The minutes of the October meeting of Salon 321 were read by La Secretaire-Cassiere Satterlee and were approved. She gave the Cassiere report that was filed for audit.

Finance chairwoman King conducted the special projects, which were awarded to Booe. All proceeds will be given to the National All Partners Project.

Public relations chairwoman Dorothy Malone reported there had been 17 square inches in The Courier/Traveler since the last report.

Booe announced that enough had been given to start building the homeless shelter in Arkansas City.

The Departmental Le Chapeau will visit Salon 321 in February 2020, it was announced by La Secretaire-Cassiere Satterlee.

The next meeting of Salon 321 will be on Dec. 9 at the Rehwinkel Apartments in Winfield. Hostesses are Booe and Malone.

The meeting of Salon 321 closed with the partners repeating “The Obligation.”

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