Winfield Police 

Wednesday, June 5

• Driving while suspended, intersection of Simpson Avenue and McCabe Street. Rodney Baker, of Winfield, was arrested.

• Theft by deception, 1200 block of Cave Drive. 

Steven Harding, of Winfield, was the victim.

•  Theft, 100 block of North College Street. Molly Just, of Winfield, was the victim.

Thursday, June 6

• Theft, 1200 block of World War II Memorial Drive.  

John Hammans, of Winfield, was the victim.

• Driving while suspended and obstruction of legal process, 1200 block of Main Street. Christopher Hoyte, of Winfield, was arrested.

• Theft, 2200 block of Pike Road. John Brown, of Winfield, was the victim. 

• Theft, 2300 block of Main Street. Megan Lance, of Lenexa, was the victim.

• Motor vehicle versus pedestrian accident, 900 block of Millington Street. Kristen Trimbath, of Winfield, struck Bruce Ranger, of Winfield.

Ark City 

Municipal Court

Thursday, May 30

• Dylan Gage Foust — speeding, 52 in a 30, first offense, no contest.

• Barbara Jo Green — adult seat belt, no contest.

• Larry Herbert Kelley — adult seat belt, no contest.

• Dakota James Larkin — adult seat belt, no contest.

• Caleb Joe Knox — adult seat belt, no contest.

• Shawn P. McNickle — vicious of biting dog, not guilty; dog at large, not guilty; vaccination of animal, no tag, not guilty.

• Alan R. Parrish — improper drive on laned roadway, no contest.

• Alan R. Parrish — no proof of insurance, dismissed.

Friday, May 31

• Cheyenne Loraine Allbritton — adult seat belt, no contest. 

• Cindra L. Beach — disobey traffic control device, no contest.

• Frazier Chebon Brown — adult seat belt, no contest.

• Gregory L. Grimmett — careless driving, guilty.

• Bello Evelia Hernandez — dog at large, no contest.

• Richard Earl Leaming — adult seat belt, no contest.

• Susan M. Leaming — adult seat belt, no contest.

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