Winfield Police 


Tuesday, Sept. 24

• Non-injury accident, 1700 block of Manning Street. Cheyenne Allbritton, of Arkansas City, was involved.

• Theft, criminal damage to property, 1000 block of Menor Street. The City of Winfield was the victim.

• Hit-and-run accident, 1000 block of Millington Street. Kimberly Reynolds, of Winfield, was the victim.

• Possession of stolen property, 200 block of Main Street. Russell McDonald, of Oxford, was the victim. Hunter Mitchell, of Oxford, was arrested in connection.

• Hit-and-run accident, 2200 block of Pike Road. Sara Minton, of Winfield, was the victim.


Wednesday, Sept. 25

• Non-injury accident, 400 block of Michigan Street. Amanda Lazelle and Park Biby, both of Winfield, were involved.

• Theft, 600 block of Manning Street. David Watkins, of Winfield, was the victim.


Cowley County Sheriff


Wednesday, Sept. 25

• Alarm call, 34000 block of 292nd Road.

• Pedestrian welfare check, 20000 block of U.S. 77.

• One vehicle rollover accident, 20000 block of 151st Road.

• Alarm call, Strother Field.

• Vehicle check, 3000 block of 122nd Road.

• Was in report, sheriff’s office.

• Deputy arrested Ryon Filterberger on a bond violation, Arkansas City courthouse.

• Assisted Arkansas City Police with returning property to a subject in the county.

• Non-injury accident, 111th Road and 132nd Road.

• Vehicle check, 33000 block of 61st Road.

• Lawn mower on fire, Winfield Country Club.

• Reckless driver complaint, 1000 block of K-15

• Rollover accident, 7000 block of U.S. 160. The accident had been previously reported.

• Goats on the roadway, 252nd Road and 61st Road. No goats located.

• Cows in the roadway, 151st Road and 192 Road. No cows located.

• Medical call, 5000 block of 32nd Road.

• Vehicle check, 20000 block of 85th Road.

• Water on the roadway, 101st Road and 132nd Road.


Thursday, Sept. 26

• Cows out, 121st Road and 142nd Road.

• Horses out, 111th Road and 182nd Road.

• Injured deer, 171st Road and U.S. 160.

• Car/deer accident, 3600 block of North Summit Street.

• Alarm call, 1000 block of West Madison.

• Assisted with a funeral escort.

• Deputy was contacted regarding a possible welfare check in the county.

• Reckless driver complaint, 102nd Road and U.S. 77.

• Deputy was dispatched to Arkansas City Police station for a fraud report.

• Four wheeler complaint, 500 block of Lord Road.

• Commercial traffic complaint, Lover’s Lane.

• Deputy arrested Josh Earls on a probation violation, Arkansas City courthouse.

• Walk-in lost decal report, sheriff’s office.

• Disturbance, 26000 block of 12th Road.

• Theft, 32000 block of 61st Road.

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