Cowley County Sheriff


Friday, Oct. 4

• Car vs. deer accident, 1000 block of 11th Road. Michael and Valerie Conner were driving a 2011 Subaru southbound when they struck a deer.

• Headlight violation traffic stop, 61st Road and Skyline Drive. Dawn Haverly was arrested for driving while suspended and was taken to the county jail.

• Burglary report, 33,000 block of Tower Road. Eric Sparks was the victim.

• Deputies assisted Arkansas City police with a search warrant, 700 block of South Summit Street.

• Deputies assisted Arkansas City police with a disturbance involving a minor in consumption party, 100 block of East Poplar Avenue.

• Building alarm, 4000 block of U.S. 166. Cristie Rodgers was the victim of criminal damage to property.


Saturday, Oct. 5

• Cows out, 12,000 block of U.S. 77.

• Theft report, 31,000 block of 55th Drive. Joshua Fultz was later arrested on an unrelated out-of-county warrant.

• Deputies assisted with a funeral escort.

• Deputy was contacted about a previously reported burglary.

• Scam call, 1,5000 block of 111th Road.

• Welfare check, 33,000 block of Tower Road.

• Traffic complaint, 2000 block of U.S. 77.

• Car vs. deer accident report, 11,000 block of 292nd Road.

• Cow in roadway, 7000 block of 322nd Road. The owner had located a longhorn near the road and was able to relocate the animal to the south property.

• Cow out, near 132nd Road and U.S. 77. The area was checked and no cows were located.

• Stoplight violation, U.S. 77 and K-360 Bypass. For a 2006 Ford Taurus driven by Charee Page, who was arrested for driving on a revoked license. Page was taken to the county jail.

• Car vs. deer accident, 12,000 block of 151st Road. John Stegman was driving a 2004 Dodge Ram pickup when a deer ran across the road.

• Vehicle slid into a ditch, 1000 block of U.S. 166. Contact was made with the driver and several occupants. No injuries were reported and no damage observed. The owner contacted a tow service to remove the vehicle.

• Deputies assisted Arkansas City police with a search warrant, 200 block of North Seventh Street.

• Disturbance, 11,000 block of 142nd Road.


Sunday, Oct. 6

• Deputies assisted Winfield police with a physical disturbance, 700 block of East 16th Avenue.

• Possible welfare check, southern part of the county.

• Vehicle check, Mill Road and U.S. 77.

• Horses out, 75th Road and 72nd Road.

• Vehicle check, 101st Road and 292nd Road.

• Civil issue, 132nd Road and U.S. 160.

• Vehicle check, 82nd Road and 75th Road.

• Cows out, 151st Road and 122nd Road.

• Goats out, 82nd Road and 21st Road.

• Vehicle check, K15 and U.S. 77.

• Cows out, 122nd Road and U.S. 77.

• Deputy was contacted by Chautauqua County for an agency assist.

• Possible drunk driver, 1000 block of K-15. Troy White was later arrested for no ignition interlock.

• Cows out, U.S. 77 and 102nd Road. No animals were located.

• A donkey and a pig were reported out near the roadway, 4000 block of 252nd Road. No animals were located.

• Pickup truck pulling a trailer with no tires and light, 9000 block of U.S. 166. The vehicle was located, and it had a single tire blowout.

• Theft report, 6000 block of 318th Drive. Shawn Marzini was the victim.


Monday, Oct. 7

• Deputies assisted Winfield Police with a structure fire, 600 block of East Seventh Avenue.

• Suspicious activity, 21000 block of 85th Road. The area was checked and no persons or vehicles were located.


Tuesday, Oct. 8

• Suspicious item, 21,000th block of 151st Road.

• Vehicle check, 300 block of Winfield Street.

• Animal check, 9,000 block of 322nd Road.

• Theft report, 21,000 block of 41st Road.

• Pedestrian check, 12,000 block of 21st Road.

• Theft report, 17,000 block of 271st Road.

• Animal complaint, 100 Paradise Lane.

• Lost vs. found bull, 16,000 block of 151st Road.

• Non-injury accident, 1,200 block of West Ninth Avenue.

• Theft report, 300 Main Street.

• Alarm call, 15,000 block of East Chestnut Avenue.

• Report of people shooting off bridge, 1500 block of East Chestnut Avenue.

• Shooting complaint, 3000 block of 171st Road.

• Erratic driver, 3000 block of K-15.

• Vehicle check, 10,000 block of U.S. 166.

• Disturbance, 16,000 block of 61st Road. Joseph Young was arrested for criminal threat and domestic violence battery.

• Dog bite, William Newton Hospital. Bite occurred in the 15,000 block of 136th Road.

• Verbal disturbance, 1100 block of High St. Sheriff’s deputy assisted Winfield police.


Wednesday, Oct. 9

• Vehicle check, 19,000 block of U.S. 77.

• People walking in the ditch, 32,000 block of U.S. 77.

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