Winfield Police 

Monday, July 8

• Domestic battery, criminal restraint, 800 block of Millington Street. Andrew Hanson, of Winfield, was arrested.

• Disorderly conduct, 600 block of West Ninth Avenue. Michael Donaldson, of Winfield, was arrested.

• Theft, 1100 block of East 10th Avenue. Michael Liebau, of Winfield, was the victim.

• Non-injury accident, 100 block of East Ninth Avenue. Leslie Neal and Aidan Harper, both of Winfield, were involved.

• Michael Bowman, of Winfield, was arrested for aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer, 900 block of East 11th Avenue.

• Christie Chaisson, of Winfield, was arrested for driving while suspended, 1800 block of Loomis Street.

• Non-injury accident, Ninth Avenue and Mill Road. Donald Williamson Jr., and Kandice Mitchell, both of Winfield, were involved.

• Theft, 500 block of East 11th Avenue. Everett Moore, of Winfield, was the victim.

Cowley County Sheriff

Monday, July 8

• Theft report, 34000 block of U.S. 166.

• Civil matter, 31000 block of 53rd Drive.

• Deputy continued extra patrol on Lovers Lane for illegal commercial traffic.

• Reckless driver, 11000 block of U.S. 77.

• Funeral escort provided.

• Vehicle in a ditch, 20000 block of U.S. 160.

• Vehicle in a ditch, 18000 block of K-15.

• Theft report regarding a stolen credit card, 30000 block of 39th Road. 

• Battery report, Cowley County Jail.

• Car vs. cow accident, 12000 block of 141st Road. Shawn May was driving a Mercury Mountaineer southbound when he struck a cow. No injuries were reported.

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