Valuing the importance of a skilled workforce, Senate Bill 155 (Excel in CTE Initiative) recently provided Cowley College with a payment of $393,542.00.

The main purpose of Senate Bill 155 is to stimulate growth in Career & Technical Education at both the secondary and post-secondary level in Kansas. The Kansas workforce will increasingly demand a more highly-technical and highly-skilled worker and Senate Bill 155 is aimed at meeting these demands. There are several parts to Senate Bill 155.

The four financial aspects of Senate Bill 155 are:

Tuition reimbursement for high school students enrolled in college-level CTE courses, incentivizing high school students graduating with an industry-recognized certifications that lead directly to high-demand occupations in Kansas through a Certification incentive program, transportation reimbursement to school districts transporting high school students off-campus to complete college-level CTE coursework, and a CTE Marketing campaign to promote the positive impact of CTE on education and the workforce.

Cowley has recently seen a significant increase in the percentage of college-ready students who complete a certificate or degree or transfer within three years of first full-time enrollment at Cowley.

Cowley president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle explained, “These increases in Senate Bill 155 participation accelerate and expand our skilled workforce, which in turn attract and retain corporations in our communities.” Rittle added, “A special thanks to the enrollment management and academic teams at the College and equally to the counselors, principals and superintendents in Cowley, Sumner and Chautauqua Counties for working to make these accelerated and affordable pathways possible for high school students. Lastly, a special thank you to Senator Larry Alley, Representatives Kyle Hoffman, Bill Rhiley, Cheryl Helmer, Jesse Burris, and Doug Blex for supporting the full funding of Senate Bill 155. The proof is in the pudding! This Bill makes a profound and powerful difference.”

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