Cowley College’s Collegiate Quiz Bowl joined in Constitution Day by inviting teams to a competitive round of quiz bowl Tuesday in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.

Dianne Flickinger, sponsor of Cowley’s Collegiate Quiz Bowl teams, found a mini-constitution booklet on her table at home that belonged to her daughter, Sarah Flickinger. Since Sarah was in Frank Arnold’s government class, Dianne decided to visit with Arnold to see if his students would like to compete on Constitution Day since he was teaching about the constitution in class.

Arnold used to coach quiz bowl, and he loves to reward students for participating. After their visit, Arnold gathered a team from each of his two government classes and had them compete against each other. The winning team would receive an extra reward.

Two students from this year’s quiz bowl team, sophomore Amanda Glenn and freshman Dylan Stone worked together in writing questions about the constitution. They came up with 10 toss-up questions and two bonus questions per toss-up.

With Amanda reading the questions, the match between Arnold’s two classes was close. The final score was 140-70. The winning team consisted of Nathan Hinton, Gage Watkins, Sarah Flickinger and Mark Kiselev. The other team was made up of Payton Packham, Gabrielle Lenker and Megan Gieger.

Cowley employees Landon West, Jason O’Toole, Ian Alumbaugh, and Matthew Nies also participated in a round with the students.

Alumbaugh, who participated in quiz bowl while attending Maryville High School (Mo.), enjoyed taking part in the event.

“It was a fun opportunity to see what Cowley offers with Quiz Bowl and to see what the student body represents,” Alumbaugh said.

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