Freshman Workday big success

Lonnie Brooks, a freshman from Houston, along with nearly 200 freshmen participated Aug. 11 in the 27th annual Freshman Workday. SC students, staff and faculty spent the day painting, raking, pulling weeds, and most important, according to Leadership Southwestern director Brae Wood, built up Winfield.

Southwestern College freshmen concluded their orientation to the college and Winfield by participating Aug. 11 in the 27th annual Freshman Workday.

Nearly 200 freshmen, Leadership Southwestern students and other student leaders joined SC staff, faculty and administrators working around Winfield to help homeowners and nonprofits in service work.

“We estimated that the 27th Freshman Workday contributed around $20,000 to the Winfield community, based on the independent sectors estimate that one volunteer hour is worth $25.43,” director of Leadership Southwestern Brae Wood said.

Wood thinks that this annual event benefits both the community and everyone who assists.

“As the leadership director, I love watching my leadership students develop their leadership capacities through the lens of Freshman Workday,” Wood said. “This day is empowering to my students who work so very hard to make it happen — a huge and powerful connection point for all students at Southwestern to our school mission; a great way to set the builder spirit; and important, a gift to our particular community that can form students in such deep ways by long-standing traditions like Freshman Workday.”

Curtis Rylant, one of the student directors for the event, enjoyed seeing fellow Moundbuilders come together for the event.

“I had a lot of fun with seeing everything come together,” Rylant said. “There is a lot that goes into Freshman Workday, but the big picture is awesome to see what we accomplished. What I enjoyed the most is knowing the freshmen had a good time meeting one another while giving back to the community that will be their home for the next four years.”

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