Winter has arrived, and the Newkirk Public Library has rolled out programs for the community in an effort to get readers out of the house and enjoying new books.

The winter reading bingo event has already begun, and readers can receive a playing card at the NPL. Like the popular game, the game card features five lines and columns, to be filled in with a book title. Many squares contain a reading suggestion, such as “Oklahoma Author” or “Non-Fiction Book,” while others offer a “Free Choice” to the reader. The variety of suggestions lets readers find genres that they may not have read in the past.

“We would like our patrons to visit different areas of the library. The card lets them go to different sections to pick a book,” librarian Marcina Overman said. 

Readers who fill in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, will win a $20 gift card from area businesses, such as Walmart or Dollar General. Only one gift card per reader will be issued. Readers who fill in the whole card will also be put in a drawing for an Amazon Kindle tablet.

Winter Reading Bingo ends April 1.

The library is also continuing Thursday Story Time, at 10:30 a.m. each Thursday. Kids of all ages will hear a book read to them, followed by a fun activity themed after the book.

“If we do a book about planting, we will plant something, but that is more in the spring,” she said.

The NPL is planning the 2020 Summer Reading Program, which is set to begin June 15, starting with the Mad Scientist program. The theme is “Imagine Your Story,” and the kids will hear a variety of fairytale, mythological and fantasy stories, with an accompanying activity.

“We will be reading stories that you could later tell other people, visualizing on how you would interact with the characters,” she said.

The NPL is also asking readers to get in contact with them to make sure library card information is correct and up-to-date, a process that takes place every three years. Cardholders may call the library with the information, or even visit to update their cards.

“We encourage everyone to come up to the library to make sure the card is up-to-date,” assistant librarian Karen Franken said. “We welcome them to come in, and they could find something to check out.”

For more information, visit the library at 116 N. Main. The NPL can be contacted at (580) 362-3934, or

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