Cowley A Team wins home quiz bowl competition

From left, members of Cowley’s A team: Jacob Helzer, Amanda Glenn, Connor Lancaster and Dylan Stone.

Cowley College was host to the Snow Bowl on Saturday a round-robin with 10 teams.

The Cowley A team won and was the only team to beat Johnson County and complete the round-robin with an 8-0 record. Team members were sophomores Connor Lancaster, team captain, Amanda Glenn, Jacob Helzer and freshman Dylan Stone.

Johnson County was runner-up and Redlands A finished third.

Glenn finished second in the top five medal winners by answering 50 tossup questions out of 144. Helzer placed eighth with 22, Lancaster was 12th with 16 and Stone came in 21st answering five tossups.

“We have a determined team that worked well together to defeat the top three teams in this tournament,” Cowley Quiz Bowl sponsor Dianne Flickinger said.

The last time Cowley had a Snow Bowl team place in the top two was in 2016.

“We knew going into this tournament that we were up against Garden City A, who won the Snow Bowl last year. Johnson County tortured us in this year’s fall tournament in Nov., 710-40, with a player who has plans of playing on “Jeopardy!”, and Redlands A who qualifies for nationals most every year,” Flickinger said.

Helzer had played on the B team at the fall tournament at Neosho County and gave Johnson County a scare when he helped his team to score 130 to Johnson County’s 440.

“No other team, including our A team, was able to get beyond 40 points against Johnson County’s team,” Flickinger said.

Helzer had not been able to attend practice due to scheduling, so he had not earned a spot on the A team, although Helzer’s second-place score of answering 33 tossup questions earned him a spot on the A-team for Snow Bowl.

“This Cowley A team showed determination to do their best and worked on specific strategies in order to calm nerves, listen and be patient with one another, and buzz in before the other teams with correct answers within the five-second time limit in order to work together as a team,” Flickinger said.

Cowley Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair and Snow Bowl moderator Mark Flickinger said the team worked well together, discussing bonus questions within their seven- to 10-second limit and coming together with correct answers.

Glenn was on fire Saturday. Spending time outside of practice studying has given her an edge whenever she gets questions that she knows.

“It was a poetic win because Johnson’s team depends so much on one person, but our team was more well-rounded,” Glenn said.

Even Redlands coach told Dianne Flickinger about Cowley’s A team and recognized a well-rounded, strong team when she saw one. Many people may be surprised to know that all seven members of the A and B team are also members of Cowley’s TRIO IMPACT program.

“I have found and have invited intelligent students from the program who have previous scholar’s bowl experience, are looking for a scholarship or desire to become a part of a social group,” Flickinger said. “Students gain much confidence as they focus on academic knowledge in and out of the classroom.”

With all freshmen and only playing three players against other teams’ four-person teams, the Cowley B team showed significant progress from their last tournament and placed seventh out of nine teams. As team captain, KayLynn Prough answered 12 tossups and came in 14th place. Cody Kerner also upped his game, answering eight toss-ups and coming in 18th. Corban Smith was excited to be answering more toss-up questions by answering three and coming in 27th.

“Kaylynn, Cody and Corban will gain much experience on the B team this year,” Flickinger said.

Special thanks go to Krystal Nies, Social Science faculty, for moderating for a half day, and Dr. Michelle Schoon, vice president of Academic Affairs, for welcoming the teams and helping with last-minute changes in the schedule.

A few Cowley Quiz Bowl alumni returned to help with scorekeeping — Chris Cardone, Jesse McCabe, Symantha Shelton and Catherine Mills.

“They love coming back and comment on how they have to refrain from answering questions and how different it feels from the other side,” Flickinger said.

Aidan Sanders, a newcomer to quiz bowl, was a big help with reporting scores.

Flickinger also praised the work done by custodian Charlotte Smith to help throughout the day and provide a safe and clean environment to compete in.

“Many visitors were impressed with Cowley’s hospitality,” Flickinger said.

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