Badley attends Cottey summer workshop

Fiona Badley, front left, has her bags packed and she’s on the way to the Cottey College Summer Workshop. With her are three Chapter CU members, bottom right, Lenore King, top left, Lynne Snyder and Belinda Mueller.

Like many high school juniors, Fiona Badley has been visiting colleges in search of a good match for continued study after she graduates from Winfield High School in May 2020. A recent weekend visit to Cottey College in Nevada, Mo., greatly piqued her interest.

She was made aware of the Cottey Summer Workshop offered in June to ambitious high school girls entering their junior or senior year the fall following the summer workshop. It is a week-long summit on leadership, skill building and knowledge gathering for the leaders, the game changers and the barrier breakers. The workshop is dedicated to providing an environment in which girls are encouraged to have fun while discovering how to succeed in today’s fast paced world. In addition to receiving an edge over peers through interactive courses led by college professors and the opportunity to experience college life pre-graduation, all summer workshop attendees who enroll at Cottey College will be awarded an automatic $3,000 annual scholarship for up to four years.

Several members of Chapter CU of Winfield, are acquainted with Fiona and her family and knew of her interest to attend Cottey College. The chapter members agreed it would be a great investment in the future of this young woman to sponsor Fiona by paying the $400 registration fee for her to attend the workshop.

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