One of the Christian disciplines I have developed after 33 years of walking with the Lord is to listen for His voice. Jesus told His disciples in John 10:27 that His sheep would hear His voice and that He knew them and they would follow Him. Not too long ago, after praying and reading the scriptures on the subject of healing, the Spirit of God began to speak, and I quickly began to pen them in my journal. I knew it was God’s Spirit speaking because the words came so quickly and effortlessly. Because of the brokenness that I see in our nation, I’d like to share the words I heard that day in hopes that someone reading this may find the path to their own healing.

“So many of My people are wounded and hurting. They do not understand that I AM their source of healing. I AM the fountain of healing waters that can quench their thirsty souls. I AM the refreshing rains that wash away all pain and guilt. I AM the road that they are invited to walk upon for their deliverance and healing. I AM the way to complete recovery. I AM the truth that will set them totally free. I AM the light that illuminates the path of wholeness and healing.

Seek Me and I shall be found. Ask Me and I shall answer. Knock and I shall open the way for your complete restoration.”

I believe these words are our invitation to come to the great “I AM” and allow Him to embrace us in order that we may be truly healed. Why not? You’ve tried everything else. 

Sandy Durham is the head of Family Life Services in Arkansas City.

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