David was the most faithful friend King Saul had.

What did David do to Saul to cause him to hate him to the point of plotting his murder? Nothing! 

Now let’s look at what David did for Saul. He played the harp for him until the evil tormenting spirit left. He carried his armor. He defeated the giant that came against Saul’s army. He also led Saul’s troops to great victories over the Philistines. David became a good friend to Saul’s son, Jonathan, married and took care of Saul’s daughter, Michal. He did not allow any of his own men to harm Saul when they could have easily taken his life.

Even after Saul’s death, David executed the man who said that he had slain King Saul and had the two captains who betrayed and slew Saul’s son Ishbosheth executed.

David was actually the most faithful friend that Saul had. No one stood up for Saul like David did. Yet Saul hated him. If we allow it, jealousy and insecurities have the ability to harden our hearts, blind our eyes, and turn us against those who are our friends and are trying to help us.


Tim Smith is pastor of Blessing Heights Church in Arkansas City.

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