I am not an expert on the subject of the virus, but I have been receiving updated information from KDHE and several other organizations with accurate data. I have dutifully read every email and every link. But I feel like I don’t really know much, and most of us still don’t know nearly enough about the virus for at least two reasons:

1. The media appears to view this subject as a bonanza for ratings and a means to criticize those who are mitigating this situation. I wish we were all hearing more from the experts and less from the pundits, who have said many crazy things. The chance of making money or gaining political power from a crisis is irresistible to many. 

2. As people get panicky, angry, hateful and fearful, they actually think less clearly and make more hasty decisions which lead to isolation and hoarding.

As this unwinds, the hateful will get more hateful. The generous and kind get kinder and more generous. This little bit of stress is going to show us what is on the inside for sure. We will prevail — unless our selfishness and pettiness destroy us.

Have we already forgotten all the things that we should be grateful for? Yes, we have, but I won’t list them now, because people who are grateful already know and people who are not grateful don’t even want to hear it.

Sadly, it looks like the virus only proves to us what we knew all along: mankind has a sickness crueler and more devastating than any microbe. If anything scares me, that does! I hope that the pandemic peaks out soon and we can all rediscover what is really important. How precious and fragile is our time alive, which is only meaningful when we take the opportunity to demonstrate love to others, even when it is increasingly inconvenient. I welcome you to be comforted by Jesus’s words that He spoke to his disciples in John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you …”


Tim Durham, M.Ed., is the director of Family Life Services.

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