Cowley County 4-H families celebrated a year of successes at the annual 4-H Achievement Night Saturday, Nov. 9, at Cowley College’s Brown Center. The celebration was held to honor 4-H members, clubs and their annual accomplishments in the 4-H program. 4-H members, families and guests enjoyed a potluck dinner prior to the ceremony emceed by Cowley County 4-H teens.

Members were honored for their individual and team achievements for the 2019 4-H year. Members who participated in events and competition at the state and national levels in 4-H Shooting Sports, Science of Ag and Family and Consumer Science Judging were recognized. 4-Hers who completed record books for the 2019 4-H Program Year were given project awards and achievement pins for the year. An outstanding leadership award, the Key Award, was given to Faith Brown and Melissa Henderson of the Burden 4-H Club.

Scholarships were awarded to 4-H members for their achievement and leadership accomplishments. The Cowley County 4-H Council, 4-H Junior Leaders and the 4-H Development Fund awarded two educational scholarships to Madison Sultz, Cameron 4-H Club, and Peter Stout, Sunrise 4-H. Elisa Donley, Walnut Valley 4-H, was awarded the Robert Austin Memorial Horse Scholarship for her leadership in the 4-H horse project.

Club seals are awarded annually to clubs that work to meet goals, participate in club and county activities and show a concern for the community. Clubs that received seals were: Burden, Floral, Rock Creek, Sunrise, Udall and Walnut Valley, Purple Seal; Tisdale, Blue Seal; Cameron, Red Seal.

The 4-Hers and 4-H agent thanked the many volunteers who help to “make the best better.” Jennifer Bauer, long-time Floral 4-H Club Community Leader, was recognized for 21 years of volunteer service. 

For more information, to join or to volunteer your time, contact the Cowley County Extension Office, (620) 221-5450, (620) 441-4565.


Kelsey Nordyke is the 4-H Youth Development Agent at K-State Research and Extension, Cowley County. She can be reached at 221-5450 or (620) 441-4565.

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