A recent article by Steve Gilliland discussed an increase he'd seen in the size and quantity of his are~s toad population. I have also found that to be true in my little corner of the world. 

I have a huge toad that currently resides under my hose reel on the north side of my house. It stays damp and shady there all the time and there's a small scattering of leaves I neglected to get cleaned up earlier in the year. I'm sure there are "roly-poly's" and other bugs that welcome just such an abode also, thus Mr. Toad has a constant smorgasbord for dinner. 

I am frequently finding small brown toads among the leaves of plants when doing my gardening chores. They particularly enjoy the area in and around the pond where they sometimes need a bit of assistance finding their way back to the lower side to climb out. I'm happy to share my spaces with the little bug-eaters. 

The cool temps and extra moisture in early summer seems to have caused a population explosion, not only in toads but also for their cousins, the tree frogs. 

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for tree frogs. It was just several years ago when I first discovered them here. Oh, I'd heard them peeping away in the trees, but had never met any in person until then. I say "met" because that's how one refers to human acquaintances that become future friends. And these little guys have become friends for sure. They come to my porches at dusk to sit on or under the porch lights and feed on bugs. The first year I only had one. The next there was a parent (I assume) and a tiny young one. After a few years, there came a season or two with none at all much to my sadness. I admit it was cleaner without their droppings to clean up after, but I missed the little fellas. There were a few again last summer. Then came this year. They seem to be everywhere. I look out a window and there's one staring at me, it's little suction cup feet firmly planted as it climbs upward. They've grown accustomed to my checking to see where they are in the evenings as well as how many I have in residence. I regularly have at least three at my back porch light. Sometimes they are on top of the frame, around the sides or along the window sill beneath. One night I was a bit late getting the light turned on. I looked out the window as I flipped the switch on and there were three all lined up in a row on the window sill looking in at me as if to say "it's about time, we've been waiting patiently". 

I've heard it said that it doesn't take much to make you happy as you get older. If these wee little tree frogs are any sign, the adage is certainly true. The thought of sharing my space with my tiny friends for years to come indeed makes me happy. Enjoy the creatures Mother Nature brings to your world too. 


Happy Gardening

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