One day as I gazed out my window it seemed to me that there are many things in life we are unsure of. For the sake of time and newsprint, I will not elaborate on them here though. Instead I will discuss a fact I am absolutely sure of — God is a gardener. Even if there was no biblical description of the Garden of Eden, I'd still be convinced that it is so. 

I didn't get a definitive answer to that question when I posed it to my cousin LaHoma who is Choctaw. She said she wasn't sure if the Great Spirit was a gardener or not, but she knew she herself wasn't since all she can grow is ferns. But, I digress... 

To make my case, I only have to look at my own yard and gardens. Each season brings special blessings to us in the form of our plants, flowers and trees. After a long cold Winter we all look forward to the first swollen leaf buds on our trees. We watch anxiously for our lawns and shrubs to regain their green hues once more (only to need repeated mowings and trimmings again). As soon as temperatures allow, we dash off to the garden center in search of the perfect plants. Then we rush home and trowel in hand once again feel the bond with Mother Earth as we nestle each one into her waiting soil. With much anticipation we await each perennial's appearance as it awakens from it's slumber and pushes forth to another new season. We appreciate the Spring rains as they fall gently on flowers and veggies, knowing they provide the moisture needed for successful gardening. When the rains do not come, we drag out the hoses and provide supplemental moisture. By summer, we sit back with a cold drink and admire the beauty and partake of the bounty. 

Fall's cooling temps bring us a reprieve from Summer's heat and the resulting brilliant hues of reds, yellows and oranges in the leaves (which will soon mean raking!) bring a respite for our tired bodies and souls as well. A warm cup of cider tastes ever-so-good against a backdrop of brilliant blooms on mums and asters. 

Winter's arrival finds us all snug inside while a blanket of softly fallen snow cloaks our landscape. After a time, we again feel the stirrings deep inside for growth and renewal just as our plants do all snugly insulated in the depths of Mother Earth. 

That same sense of renewal, promise of new beginnings, belief in thoughts planted as seeds, anticipation of positive results and trust in things not yet seen make me a gardener — and assure me that God is a gardener too. 


Continued Happy Gardening

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