As the busy school year came to a close, our officer team began prepping and planning for the 2019-20 school year at the officer retreat that took place in June.

As a team, we have many activities planned for this upcoming school year for the Udall community. With our new agriculture advisor, Aaron Sobba, we are excited for our new members to experience our new FFAmily.

On the first day of the officer retreat, our 2019-20 officers began to make chapter goals for the school year, as well as some good old-fashioned team bonding. With carefully constructed activities made by Sobba and the recently retired Kansas state FFA reporter, Miranda Depenbusch, the team was able to have successful planning sessions.

From the classroom the group headed to Topeka. Once they arrived at the Air BNB, the group unloaded, unpacked and got a little settled before they started planning a program of activities. Once they had narrowed down the selections for this year’s agenda, they divided the committees for the various activities.

The next day, not only did they prepare their own breakfast, but had to earn it by working together in a team-building game. As they moved on through our day, they did more team activities, which included finding an activity and playing volleyball (loser bought ice cream for the team).

At the end of the busy day, the officers broke apart with another member that they may not have known well and went for a walk and talk, an activity presented by Depenbusch. At the end of this activity, the members gained a better understanding of one other and their interests, concluding the evening with the game known as Hot Seat.

The next morning everyone said goodbye to Topeka and headed home with a better understanding and relationship with fellow officers. Once back to the classroom, they unpacked the van and said their goodbyes until our next meeting.

Nine officers and one advisor went into this retreat as acquaintances and left as a team.

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