Avocado up for auction — a new outdoor club in motion

Beyond the banks of the Arkansas River lies a mysterious land. For years you may heard of its mythical trails and beach. While access has been limited to a select few. A group of Cowley County residents are working to change that.

The land known to locals as Avocado has always been privately owned and leased. For the first time in generations the land is being sold at auction. The newly formed Avocado Beach Club has hopes of purchasing the property. Their vision for the property includes an outdoor club focused on kayak/river access, four-wheel drive activities.

“Our goal as an organization is to allow members and their guests access to land and water that has previously been limited.” a spokesperson for the club says “Our community doesn’t currently offer locations for such things.” The organization wants to ensure the property will be enjoyed for many years. “Who knows 10-15 years from now the next leader of our club could be currently watching Youtube videos on kayaking, outdoor experiences or 4-wheel drive vehicles.” 

The Club has already taken steps to establish a non-profit organization ensuring the property is available for those who are currently interested but also its future members to enjoy. 

With the auction occurring on the 17th of October Avocado Beach Club has plans in place to bring this type of club into existence. The Club says they currently have more than 40 individuals pledged to be shareholders of the property creating the financial backing needed to make it a success and a viable organization for years to come. “We feel as citizens of Cowley County this is not only a want but also a need in our community.”

For information on becoming a Avocado Beach Club member contact Jancie Harader at (620) 441-3115 or by email at jlharader@gmail.com

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