With both Memorial Day and Independence Day falling during gardening season, we have opportunities for plantings that bloom with patriotic colors. A red, white and blue theme can carry into our gardens as well as our porches. 

Beginning on the porch, I've seen some beautiful containers recently about town anchoring their plantings. A grouping of multicolor containers filled with all white flowers is lovely. A single cobalt blue pot filled with red and white flowers is striking as well. Add some seating in those colors or pillows and cushions in patriotic prints and you have a colorful statement area to enjoy the summer. 

Hanging baskets filled with red, white and blue flowers work well with nearly any color home. They are particularly striking on a long colonial porch with white rockers or accenting a Cape Cod style home. 

When choosing plantings at the garden center, mixing in some red, white and blue colors will ensure blooms all through the Summer and into Fall. Many are water-wise, holding up well in the heat. 

Consider planting your color choices in large groups of one color rather than a plant here and there. A single color en-masse is quite striking. I have a friend who once planted Black-eyed Susans in a long bed next to her garage highlighted with a blue gazing ball and it was breathtaking. The same could have been achieved using daisies or white coneflowers. 

There are flowering shrubs available in patriotic colors that make a functional hedge as well as a single specimen. Red roses come in many choices and provide colorful accents as single plantings, hedges or spilling over a fence or wall. Many shrubs have leaves tinged in red also. 

There are trees available in patriotic colors whether from blooms or leaf color. The huge flowers and glossy leaves of the white Magnolia trees are beautiful as are the blooms of their cousins, the Tulip tree. 

Red and white plantings are always easy to find, but blue takes a bit more effort. For that reason, I often see blue-purple colors used. There are many choices available some of which I will list here. Reds: roses, geraniums, petunias, salvia, hydrangeas, hibiscus and crape myrtle. Blues and purples: Blue Girl rose, Blue By You salvia (new in 2019), May night salvia, re?looming lilacs (also in white), ageratum, hosta, liriore, geranium, liatris and petunias. White: coneflowers, Shasta daisies, roses, liatris, geraniums, petunias, hibiscus, lambs ears and crape myrtle. Those are just some of your choices. 

Many of the above are perennials which can be supplemented with annuals available in patriotic colors. Even if you aren't into the patriotic theme, any of the above make good neighbors to plantings in their color family. 

Have a colorful Summer from The Old Gardener.

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